Food Safety

The food industry is a challenging environment to be in. The ever-changing market and regulatory trends inspire Prime Selection to be constantly committed to assuring the safety and quality of its products. The company begins with a solid foundation of food handling that makes the operational environment conducive to sanitary and safe processing, the storage of raw materials and finished products. An equally robust set of sanitation policies is strictly enforced to preemptively address pre-operational, operational and post-operational sanitation issues that are inherent to a food company’s operation.

Our processor pro-actively implements a stringent program that consistently monitors the safety and quality of in-coming raw materials, in-process products, and finished products. This solid verification procedure utilizes state of the art testing systems for pathogens on products and in the environment. A hold and test policy is applied to all of our fresh and ground beef products to allow the company to subject these products to the appropriate sampling and testing procedures that are designed to prevent products that do not meet specifications from entering commerce.

At prime selection we go above and beyond government food safety standards to guarantee the healthiest product for you and your family.

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