Japanese Kobe Beef

japanese kobe beef

“Wagyu” is one of the most famous breeds in the world. These particular cattle were raised in Japan and imported for an unmatched culinary experience. Each newborn calf stays with its natural mother for about 10 months. Extensive care and much labor is spent to raise the cattle resulting in beef whose snow white fat thoroughly marbles the muscle. Only virgin heifers and steers are qualified to become Wagyu. Every steak comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

A5 grade
The Japanese grade is assigned after careful evaluation and scoring of five distinct carcass attributes. Only carcasses found to have the ideal score in each category are assigned the highest possible grade of A5. The five factors on which the carcass is scored are:

Purity of bloodiness, marbling, firmness and texture of the meat, color and brightness of the lean, quality, luster, and color of the fat.
japanese kobe beef

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